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 My Story 

My name is Robyn Bloom. I am a life coach, mentor, author, public speaker, show host, and mother from a small town in Mississippi. I'm also a former victim of my bullshit. I use the word former because I now take time to hold myself accountable for any chaos and toxic energy I bring. In 2016, while in the hospital fighting to live, my journey began. In that hospital bed, I started taking accountability for who I was. I also started forgiving myself for some decisions and was able to find a little peace. It was that peace that saved my life. Not wanting to die and leave my mess on my children, I did what I needed so my girls could grieve the loss of their mother when that time came. I didn’t want them to carry my burdens for the rest of their lives. At the time, I didn’t know I was walking out of my pain and into the peace that led to my purpose.

 During my search of self, I became a life coach. In 2020 I have been blessed to rehab a house that I affectionately call The Healing house. This is where I work with women and girls. In June of 2021, I released my first book called "Sis, let's clean up this mess. We got shit to do." It's a guide to assist women in taking their power back. By sharing my mess I encourage women to start holding themselves accountable for theirs. There is power in addressing the woman in the mirror and the havoc she's created from bad decisions and choices. 

 I am a true believer that we all have the power to heal but it takes hard work, dedication, and a strong support system. I like to call myself the friend women didn't know they needed. Although we all are on different journeys, our goal to heal is the same. My Message may sound different from others because I won't lie and say it's easy and people are going to love this new you. In fact, it will shock you the amount of bullshit that comes with this journey and how many people will tell you to pray about it or throw your healing in your face when you find your voice. My job is to be that voice to remind you why you started and to hold you accountable when you let the world get to you. The woman in the mirror deserves to be here if she believes it. She is the only person that can make that happen. 

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Life Coach Robyn

"A lot of women don't realize that the load and burdens in their lives play a big role in their health."

My Mission

My mission is to assist women in becoming the BADASS GODDESS they were meant to be by taking their power back.

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