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 My Story 

Welcome to the world of Robyn Bloom, a dedicated life coach, mentor, author, public speaker, show host, and mother hailing from a quaint town in Mississippi. Formerly a victim of her own struggles, Robyn's transformative journey began in 2016 during a pivotal moment in the hospital. It was there that she embraced accountability, and self-forgiveness, and ultimately found peace, saving her life in the process.
Driven by a desire to leave a positive legacy for her children, Robyn's path led her to become a beacon of empowerment for women and girls. Through her work at The Healing House, a space she lovingly rehabilitated, she guides others on their own paths to self-discovery and healing. Her debut book, "Sis, let's clean up this mess. We got shit to do.," serves as a powerful tool for women reclaiming their power and facing their truths.
Robyn's approach is refreshingly honest and unapologetically real. She understands that the journey to healing is not always easy, often met with resistance and challenges from within and without. As a trusted confidante and advocate, she stands by women as they navigate the complexities of their healing process, reminding them of their worth and strength.
In Robyn's world, healing is a journey that requires dedication, hard work, and a strong support system. She is here to be the friend you didn't know you needed, offering guidance, accountability, and unwavering support as you embark on your own path to self-discovery and empowerment. Embrace the woman in the mirror, for she holds the key to your transformation and the life you deserve. During my search of self, I became a life coach. In 2020 I have been blessed to rehab a house that I affectionately call The Healing house. This is where I work with women and girls. In June of 2021, I released my first book called "Sis, let's clean up this mess. We got shit to do." It's a guide to assist women in taking their power back. By sharing my mess I encourage women to start holding themselves accountable for theirs. There is power in addressing the woman in the mirror and the havoc she's created from bad decisions and choices. 

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Life Coach Robyn

"A lot of women don't realize that the load and burdens in their lives play a big role in their health."

My Mission

My mission is to assist women in becoming the BADASS GODDESS they were meant to be by taking their power back.

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