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  The Mentorship  

My job as a mentor is to assist clients who are ready to do the work that's needed to reach their goals and desired level of peace. My focus is only on assisting clients with learning to acknowledge their decisions and mistakes in order to practice self-accountability, self-forgiveness, self-awareness, self-love, and gratitude. Learning to love the woman in the mirror is chaotic, ugly, and lonely but once achieved, it has the ability to a be beautiful safe space for her and the people who love her.

 One on One Session 

This is a 3 month one on one journey where we will take all our shit on the floor and hold ourselves accountable, forgive, set boundaries, and release so we can move forward, set goals and take our power back. 

 Online Group Session 

This is a monthly online journey where we come together online to share, support, and encourage one another. This space is also to help women become comfortable with other women in group settings. Sometimes past trauma prevents us from developing or engaging in friendships because of trust or how we view ourselves.

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