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Certified Life Coach Practitioner 

Certified Life Coach Practitioner, Published Author, 
International Motivational Speaker & Show Host

Robyn Bloom

Assisting Women With Taking Their Power Back And Becoming The Badass Goddess They Were Meant To Be.


I Choose Me!

Let's clean up this mess.




What Is The

Be Unapologetically Present Mentorship

For me, being unapologetically present means I can fully engage in the moment without feeling the need to apologize for my presence or happiness. I can take up space without seeking validation or approval from others. Being unapologetically present gave me, the woman in the mirror, the confidence I needed. It also helps me use my voice loudly and boldly when I need to speak up for myself.

We must learn to practice self-compassion and remind ourselves that we are worthy and deserving of love and respect. Most importantly, to be true to ourselves and our values, even if it means going against the expectations of others. By embracing our true selves and being unapologetically present, we can and will live a more authentic and fulfilling life even if being unapologetically present we have to let some of the people we love go.

This mentorship is to assist women in healing so they can learn to be present in their moment. We spend so much time and energy focusing on the lives and wellbeing of others that we miss so many opportunities to show up and show out for the woman in the mirror. It's time we stop refilling our cups and start giving from our overflow.


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Are you struggling with taking responsibility for the mess you created in your life? Are you a victim of your own bullshit? Sis, this may be the workbook for you. Life is full of lessons but some of those lessons come with heartache and pain. In this workbook, I share my rock bottom and what led me to take my life back. My goal is to assist women with starting their journey by learning to hold themselves accountable and forgiving the mess they created.

Let's say you have already started your healing journey.

Are you struggling with enforcing the boundaries you set for yourself?

Are you feeling guilty for growing while the people you love remain the same?

Are struggling with accepting that some of the things you were taught may not be true?

Are you feeling guilty for surviving and feel someone more deserving should have?

Taniya, Fl

"I pulled up and God showed out."


"Coach Robyn helped me learn the process of forgiving myself and letting go of the past mistakes that still haunt me. I learned how to meet people where they are instead of where I want them to be."

Kim, TN

"Robyn allowed me to see what holding space for myself felt like and I haven't looked back.
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